Santorini and Kolumbo

Welcome to Santorini! In the middle of the Aegean sea, we find Santorini caldera and Kolumbo submarine volcano. They are both part of the Hellenic volcanic arc with active shallow magma reservoirs that are being replenished with magma from mush zones in the lower crust.

  • Location: Kameni islands (Greece)
  • Coordinates: 36ΒΊ27′ N, 24ΒΊ30′ E
  • Last Activity: 2 Feb 1950
  • Type of rocks: dacite, andesite
  • Facts: The Late bronze age eruption was one of the largest natural disasters in human history, affecting civilizations across the Mediterranean

Learn more about Santorini from the Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism Program database

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